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What is the Purpose of a Job Description?

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What is the Purpose of a Job Description?

A job description or JDD is basically a detailed written story that explains the duties, or overall job responsibilities, and specific tasks of a given position. Basically, a job description is nothing but an abstract description of an individual's skills, abilities and proficiency in a particular field. Job descriptions or job roles are usually written down and made available to employers so that they can evaluate an applicant efficiently. Job descriptions are very crucial to the successful employment of any job, as it gives you an idea about the skills, abilities, and knowledge required for the position.

Job descriptions are essential documents as they describe the fundamental responsibilities and areas of responsibility of an individual. Job descriptions also provide the essential information regarding the essential working conditions that are expected from employees. They play an essential role in ensuring that the working conditions and working procedures are maintained properly at all times. They also give a sense of accountability towards all the workers engaged in the organization.

All the documents relating to the job descriptions may be obtained from the human resources department, which basically refers to general guidance and policies pertaining to employment. You can also obtain the job descriptions from the employee handbook. The employee handbook generally includes the basic rules of organization such as the dress code, hours of work, holidays, sick leave, dismissal, equal opportunity, etc. In addition, the employee handbooks may include some policies like that the co-workers who have similar skill sets are to form a cooperative group and share their experiences.

Similar to the job specification, the job description provides all the necessary details regarding the duties, or specific jobs, that are to be performed by an individual. Job descriptions also specify the qualifications required for a particular job, the qualifications necessary for particular positions, and other important details. Generally, all the documents relating to the duties are considered as existing as long as three years. These documents include the title, description, address, telephone number, email address, job specification, job descriptions, photographs, and others. All the documents mentioned earlier that are referred to in the job description are considered as current as the corresponding rule.

Another major aspect of the job description is the working conditions. Most often, the working conditions are stated in the job specification or in the job description itself. However, you should note that the working conditions are not part of the responsibility of the employer. This means that you will not have any say on how you will be working; you just have to comply with whatever the company decides.

Other than the working conditions, another aspect that is covered by the job description summary is the overall responsibilities of the employees, which again are specified in the document. A general section or heading usually appears at the top of the document. This contains general information such as the description of the company, its purpose, objectives, goals and regulations. There will be a number of tasks and responsibilities listed under each general heading. You will see a number of specific job titles if the job description is lengthy.


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