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Job Description Writing

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Job Description Writing

A job description or JD is simply a written story that describes the duties, or overall responsibilities, of an individual position. It may indicate what skills and qualities an individual must possess, as well as describing the responsibilities and skills of someone who might be interested in filling the position. Job descriptions and individual resumes are important documents for both job seekers and employers, but what exactly does a job description or document entail?

Job descriptions and documents are frequently referred to as Job Analysis or Job Specification. In some instances, the term "Job Description" may be used in place of "Js". While "Js" is considered acceptable in academic writing, it should not be used in everyday business writing since it can be difficult to interpret or use for a variety of different projects. The term "job analysis" is also commonly used in software engineering where job descriptions describe specific functions, rather than broad specifications. Therefore, when searching for job descriptions, you should use the term "job analysis" to get a better understanding of what the job will entail.

Job descriptions are essential to the recruiting and interviewing processes involved with the placement of individuals into permanent positions. Job descriptions describe essential job duties and skills, as well as describing an individual's qualification and capabilities for performing those duties and skills. Job descriptions also allow for a better understanding of the applicant's skills and abilities relative to those of other candidates.

Recruitment and Admissions teams have a large collection of job descriptions, often referred to as a recruitment database. A recruitment database contains sample resumes, often from successful applicants, which are matched to open job postings on an ongoing basis. The samples can be highly detailed and require a considerable amount of time to review and evaluate. Because most recruitment and admission professionals are expecting to perform an enormous amount of personal research on each job opening, it is often impossible to make a sample job description that will give each candidate a clear and distinct advantage over other potential job seekers. Recruitment and admissions consultant can, however, make a significant contribution to the formulation of a sample job description by suggesting key words or phrases that may better define the job and make it easier to write a successful application.

Another important factor to consider when developing job descriptions is whether the position description is written in the appropriate terminology for the target industry or job position. A generic or standard job description will not take the necessary steps to identify specific requirements, which could limit the candidate's ability to obtain the position and/or keep the job once obtained. As technology and globalization continue to affect the global economy, job descriptions need to be more accurate and specific for each job position. Recruitment and sales professional may also need to modify job descriptions based on current labor market trends.

Developing a consistent and clear job description is essential to both the recruitment and interview processes. It is also important to update job descriptions periodically to ensure that the job description accurately reflects the requirements of the job. Each time a new job description is created, it should be reviewed to ensure that it is identical to the old one, with all relevant changes highlighted. Keeping track of changes to job descriptions is an excellent way to ensure that the job specifications are met by the final applicant.


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